How Limba Changed Through the Pandemic

I just wanted to write “it’s been a tough year until I realised it’s actually been two long year. Well, almost. Two years ago, in November 2019, we had just started our last intensive course for the year. Little did we know that this would be our last intensive course…ever?

Most of you know and have been with us throughout this journey, but many of our old students don’t yet. After the pandemic hit and we could no longer offer face-to-face classes (and were forced to shut for a total of 8 months) we decided to leave our premises and move back to our very first school (some of you might still remember). We are eternally grateful that we were able to move our classes online and have the opportunity to carry on, but we can’t deny that the move was still bittersweet. All those memories in our old school: hours and hours of class, team meetings, Christmas parties, board game evenings, Halloween parties, all gone. But then we realized that you are still there, that our students were the same on a screen and that the laughter and fun and learning still remained. So we decided to follow a new path: online classes and online learning.

Now Limba-Sprachen is going towards “Limba Online Education” and will include:

online classes


pre-recorded courses

infographics, blog posts, learning material

and hopefully a podcast and an ebook.

We still have our school, so the option of face-to-face classes will always be there, it’s just not our only priority anymore. We hope to see you lots, whether in person or online 🙂