Webinars (Free)

Many German learners struggle with recurring problems: declinations, the passive structure, adjectives and many more. In 10 years of teaching German we’ve seen it all and have identified the most common issues that we want to address in our free webinars once a week.

All you have to do is give us a shout that you would like to take part and we’ll send you a link


Deklinationen (B1/B2), 23.02.22, 19 Uhr

Passiv: Vorgang und Zustand (C1/C2), 02.03.22, 19 Uhr

Nebensätze (A2-B1), 09.03.22, 19 Uhr

Konjunktiv I (B2-C2), 16.03.22, 19 Uhr

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